Bula Elite

Financial planning for short as well as long term needs can be a challenge. Imagine a product that delivers this whilst ensuring financial protection for your loved ones. We've got the solution for you. Bula Elite is an innovative life insurance solution that can assist you balance your short term and long term needs with regular cash payouts. You receive 10% of the base Sum Insured on your policy every 3 years and 100% plus any declared bonuses at maturity.

Enjoy regular returns and obtain peace of mind with Bula Elite.

Features and Benefits

  • Select a policy term of 15, 21 or 25 years.
  • Provides cash returns every 3 years (except for the 25 year term). The payout at each interval is 10% of the base sum insured.
  • Guaranteed payment of 100% of the base sum insured plus declared bonuses at the end of the policy term.
  • Bonuses are declared annually and added to your policy on a compounding basis.
  • Cover your spouse (legal or defacto) as the second life insured with a term life rider benefit.
  • You can also cover your spouse with the accidental death rider benefit.

Here is an example of payouts, including maturity payment for the different policy terms. The information shown is an illustration only.


 Policy Term (yrs)  Years and percentage payout
   Year 3  Year 6  Year 9  Year 12  Year 15  Year 18  Year 21  Year 25  Total Payout
 15  10%  10%  10%  10% 100%*        140%*
 21  10% 10%   10%  10% 10%  10%  100%*    160%*
 25  10% 10%   10% 10%  10%  10%  10%  100%*  170%*

* Bonuses (if declared) are added to the 100% maturity payout.