Bula Scholar the Perfect Savings Plan

Bula Scholar is designed to sustain periods of education, job search and higher education. Select a cover of your choice for either 15 years, 20 years or 25 years and pay premiums for 10 years only. Even if you’re not a student, Bula Scholar can also be the perfect savings plan for you.

Features & Benefits of Bula Scholar

Maturity Benefit

Pays out 20% of sum insured every year in the last 5 years and pays out your bonus with your last payment at the end of the cover period or upon death. Benefits are payable on the policy anniversary date.

Death Benefit

Pays out full sum insured plus bonuses less debt on the death of the life insured.

Attachable Benefits

Increase the value of your life cover at minimal premium levels. Select one or more of the following attachable benefits.

Waiver Premium for Disability

Future premiums will be waived on total and permanent disablity of the waiver life.

Accidental Death Benefit

This benefit provides an additional sum insured to your Bula Scholar plan and it is paid out if the life insured dies in an accident.

      Waiver Premium for Death

      Future premiums payable on the Bula Scholar will be waived on the waiver life’s death or total and permanent disablity

          Critical Illness

          Provides for the advance payment in the event that the life insured is diagnosed to be suffering from a defined Critical Illness.

          Additional Benefits

          These are the built-in benefits included in your policy.

          Cash Value

          Bula Scholar accumulates a ‘Cash Value’ once your policy is in force for 2 years and 2 years premiums are fully paid. There are options to utilise this cash value if your needs change overtime.

          Loan Value

          You may take a loan on your policy at an interest rate applicable at that time once your policy is in force for 2 years and 2 years premiums are fully paid and the loan value is $200 or more.

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