Value Health Care supports you for Local and Overseas Specialist treatment.

Are You prepared for unexpected health costs? Can You afford Specialist and Hospitalisation costs in Fiji or overseas?

Health insurance is the solution! Value Health Care is an investment you make to safeguard you from paying unexpected expensive medical bills.

You can also tailor make your health plan to suit your budget.

Value Health Care is available to individuals and families as well as group schemes who are looking for medical insurance at affordable rates.

Features & Benefits

The Value Health Care plan covers you for Day Care, Hospitalisation and  Surgery

Day Care, Hospitalisation and  Surgery Cover

Offers direct access to treatment at a Private Medical Facility. You will get the privacy and comfort of a single room accommodation, provided one is available at the time of admission.

Treatment in World Class Medical Facilities

At local Private Medical Facilities and overseas hospitals.

Specialist Treatment

By Local Specialists, Visiting Specialists and Overseas specialists.

At an Approved Private Medical Facility

Direct access to Approved Private Medical Facility for treatment.

Treatment In An Approved Hospital In India

If treatment is not available locally.

Family Rates

Includes the Primary Insured and his/her legally married or de facto spouse or a single parent or legal guardian with up to 6 dependents

Emergency Treatment

Treatment in Australia or New Zealand should the treatment be urgent and you are not able to travel to India.

Loyalty Benefit Funeral Assistance Cover

For the Primary Insured and Insured Spouse that offers a cash payout of $1,500 per death after one year of continuous cover, up to a maximum of $3,000 per policy.

Age at Entry

Primary Insured and Insured Spouse – from 18 to 55 years. Dependents – from birth to 17 years or up to 23 years if a full time student. Documentary evidence of student status must be provided.

More Information on the Value Health Care Insurance

View more information on our Family Concession rates along with its conditions, our Genreal Exclusions, the Optional Benefits for the Value Health Care plan and other important notes, terms and conditions.

Family Concession Rates

Family rate includes the Primary Insured and his/her legally married or de facto spouse or a single parent or legal guardian with up to 6 dependents.
The single rate will apply if the family rate is more expensive.
Premium rate for age band From birth-13 and 14-18 is only available to the family plan.
The 19-23 age band premium rates will apply to a family where the Primary Insured is under the age of 19.
For a family with more than six children, the six youngest children will use the family rate that corresponds with the Primary Insured’s age band. The older children will use the single premium rate for age bands From birth-13, 14-18 and 19-23.

General Exclusions

  • All existing medical conditions.
  • All congenital conditions.
  • All conditions related to drugs and alcohol abuse.
  • All conditions related to Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
  • Air Ambulance Services

Optional Benefits

To enhance your health insurance benefits, Value Health Care also offers five optional benefits. You can choose one or more of the optional benefits to tailor your health plan to suit your needs and budget. Optional benefits cannot be purchased alone; they must be purchased with Value Health Care. The product package under a family plan must be the same or less than the package of the Primary Insured, therefore no family member can have more benefits than the Primary Insured.

  • Outpatient Care – Outpatient consultation at nominated doctors and pharmacies.
  • Outpatient Care Plus – Outpatient consultation plus Specialist and Diagnostics services.
  • Premier Outpatient – Outpatient consultation plus Specialist and Diagnostics services with BSP Health Approved Provider.
  • Dental and Optical Care
  • Allied Health Care

Important Notes

The Information in this web page is for information only and does not constitute a legally binding document. Full details are outlined in the Policy Document.

Terms and conditions apply to all benefits.
Maximum limits are annual amounts unless stated otherwise.
Treatments that are not available at an Approved Private Medical Facility will be referred to the Local Public Hospital.
All dependents must be totally reliant on and related to the Primary Insured by being the biological or adopted single child up to the age of 17 years or up to the age of 23 years if a full time student in an accredited recognised educational institution. Proof of dependency will be required.
All amounts are in Fijian dollars unless stated otherwise.
A waiting period refers to the period of time the health plan does not cover an insured for a specific benefit or condition.

Value Health Care Benefits & Limits

Find out more about our Value Health Care Benefits and Limits. Conditions may apply for some.
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