Explaining Health Insurance

Health Insurance helps cover the high costs of medical and even surgical expenses for people. Having a good health insurance plan is so important. Here at BSP Life, we have a number of options for Health Insurance that our clients have used for years. Our plans can be tailored for your needs and to also stay within your budget.

Value Health Care

Are You prepared for unexpected health costs? Can You afford Specialist and Hospitalisation costs in Fiji or overseas?

Health insurance is the solution! Value Health Care is an investment you make to safeguard you from paying unexpected expensive medical bills.

Premier Care

Premier Care is a comprehensive medical insurance plan designed to ensure you and your dependents receive quality medical treatment.

Premier Plus

Premier Plus is BSP Health Care’s premier medical insurance plan offering top of the range hospitalisation benefits.

Group Care

Contact us today to learn more about our Group Health Insurances.

Term Life

The greatest concern for individuals is the well being of loved ones should untimely death cause separation.The fatal loss of key players in any business enterprise also renders concern.