Term Life

The greatest concern for individuals is the well being of loved ones should untimely death cause separation. The fatal loss of key players in any business enterprise also renders concern. For every individual, family or company that values its key members or employees, there is a need for a survivor benefits package that is both comprehensive and affordable. Term Life insurance offers you this.

Attachable Benefits

Add value to your cover with the following Attachable Benefits.

Total and Permanent Disability

Provides for the advance payment of the death benefit in the event that the life insured becomes totally and permanently disabled.

Personal Accident (Option 1 – Accidental Death)

Pays out the full sum insured as a result of the death by accident of the life insured.

Personal Accident (Option 2 – Disability)

Pays a percentage of the sum insured for bodily injury subject to the losses outlined in the Personal Accident Schedule of Benefits.

Critical Illness

Provides for the advance payment of the death benefit in the event that the life insured is diagnosed to be suffering from a defined and covered Critical Illness.

Why Choose Term Life?

We’ve tailored this plan to suit your concerns for protection of your beneficiaries against the loss of your contribution in their lives because of untimely death. In addition to this we are offering the life insured,protection against the unexpected as a result of bodily injuries that can be sustained in any accident. We have even anticipated easing the uncertainties that come with a critical illness. You weave perfection into this plan by making a wise investment.

How Can I Apply ?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and to plan and protect you and your family from future medical expenses. To arrange a no-obligation appointment or to discuss your needs, simply call 132 700 or your Sales Advisor. You can also visit any of our Customer Services Centres or send an online enquiry.

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