Investment Portfolio

There are some common misconceptions about what insurance companies do with the premium they collect from you and other policyholders. Some people think it sits in the bank until someone makes a claim. This is not true. Others believe that premiums go to pay for claims that have already happened. Not true either.

Your premium dollar travels a long and winding road but in the end, most of it goes to assist customers in one way or another. For example, if you or your family suffer a loss financially through disability, critical illness, terminal illness or death, a portion of your premium and those of other policyholders find its way back to you or your family, to help you recover from this loss.

What happens to your premiums at BSP Life?

When you invest with BSP Life you buy the right to receive the profits from the participating fund.  At BSP Life, money is always moving.  On a daily basis, there are claims to be paid and other costs related to running a business to be settled.

The premiums we receive are invested in a range of assets; which include assets that can be converted into cash quickly.  The premiums received and the investment earning are used to pay for:

  • Costs related to running the business
  • Death and other benefits
  • Annual Bonus distributed to you
  • Surrender payments
  • Maturity payments

About BSP Life Investments

BSP Life ensures your premiums are invested in secure and safe investments providing you with consistent returns. The Reserve Bank of Fiji monitors our investments to make certain that our investments are low-risk and ensures that we are able to pay out future claims. BSP Life strives to maintain a portfolio that allows for quick liquidation of investment to pay claims. It is a well-balanced portfolio of investments spread across Bonds, Fixed Deposits, Properties, Mortgages, Equities, etc.

Why do we invest your premiums?

By investing your premiums in secure assets and making a return, BSP Life can offset the cost of claims and charge you less than you would otherwise pay. Profits made from returns on investments are paid out in the form of annual bonuses. So, your investments are safe and secure with BSP Life. It ensures protection for you in times of need and provides returns that secure you and your family’s financial future. Invest with us today!