A 62-year-old retired customer was over the moon when he was handed a benefits payment from his Bula Saver Life Insurance Policy.

Semi Rogoyawa could not believe his ears that there was a cheque waiting for him when Mosese Kaloudrau, a BSP Life Customer Service Officer called to tell him. This was a payment from his life insurance policy which matured in 2017.

Having retired, all correspondence to Mr Rogoyawa was returned and BSP Life could not locate him.

Last week, Mosese decided to open Mr Rogoyawa’s file and investigate further.  Mr Rogoyawa’s response to the chosen secret question on his application form was the name of his daughter. Mosese then managed to connect with Mr Rogoyawa’s daughter on social media. Mosese was able to verify Mr Rogoyawa’s personal details with his former employer. Then finally, Mosese was able to call Mr Rogoyawa and give him the good news.

“I was very surprised when I received a call from BSP Life telling me that I have to collect a sum of money which was my benefit from the life insurance policy I had,” Mr Rogoyawa said.

“The decision to invest in a life insurance when I was working has helped me fulfil my development goals after retirement and pay for my daughter’s education. She is currently studying in the United States,” he added.

Mr Rogoyawa is urging everyone to invest in a life insurance policy to financially secure their retirement at an early age in order to be independent during retirement.

Mosese said, “I felt like an investigator while I was trying to locate Mr Rogoyawa!

It was really good to hand over his cheque and see him reap the rewards of his wise decision to invest in a life insurance policy years ago. It certainly pays to have life insurance.”

Mosese said there are many more interesting cases that he was working on.