What: AWS Migration

When: 20:00 – 24:00 AEST Saturday 29 February 2020

Impacts: console access and rate, availability & booking updates

On Saturday 29 February 2020, the Pacific Channel Manager database will be migrated over to AWS (Amazon Web Services).
This migration is scheduled for 20:00 AEST and is estimated to take up to 4 hours.  During the migration, Pacific Channel Manager will experience an outage which will affect;

  • Access to your Pacific Channel Manager console (including through Room Manager)
  • Bookings dropping into Pacific Channel Manager from connected OTAs/channels
  • Rate, availability and stop sell updates pushed up to OTA connections
  • Automatic reduction in availability when a booking is received.

Rest assured bookings can still be made for your property on any connected distribution channels during the outage; however they will not automatically drop into Pacific Channel Manager.
Any bookings made during the outage will queue in our system, and once the outage is completed, the bookings will process as normal into Pacific Channel Manager.

What action should you take?

For properties with limited availability, you may want to apply a stop sell for all, or specific dates, prior to the outage. As mentioned, all bookings will be queued during the outage and processed once completed, however, there is a risk of overbooking if your property has limited availability on specific dates. Should you require assistance in applying a stop sell, please contact the Support Team via, chat within your Pacific BedBank console or phone on +679 6724244. 

Why are we moving Pacific Channel Manager AWS?

Currently, Pacific Channel Manager (powered by Resonline) uses a physical data centre. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud-based platform offering services such as database storage and content delivery, worldwide.
Benefits of using Amazon Web Services instead of physical servers:

  • Enables us to rapidly scale up or down to meet demand plus apply and configure new settings quickly.
  • It future proofs our system infrastructure to ensure it continues to be durable and secure.
  • Provides the same level of access and control as a physical server located in an office but with much more flexibility.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Support Team via email, chat or phone.
Thank you.The Pacific Channel Manager team